Monday, April 2, 2012


So.........choke, choke, gasp.....we prepared some horseradish tonight after our day jobs.  After we got home, Big Steve dug up a few roots, and then while he was out procuring himself a chipper/shredder from Craigslist, I was cleaning, grinding said horseradish roots.

My batteries for my camera ran out, so I had to use my phone.  Ain't technology great?  At any gotta dig them there roots:

After you get those roots, you gotta peel and cut them up.  You need to grate them.  You can do this with a grater (only if you have a death wish --I kid you not) or you can do it in a Vita Mix blender like we did.  So you trim and grate those roots, and be DAMN SURE to add some white vinegar.  Those roots have a protective instinct, and when you cut or grind them, they give off something similar to the skunk in a protective nature.  I'm not kidding you.  If you don't believe me, just try it for yourself, you darned fool!

So............................grind it up real good and add some white vinegar/water.  You know when it's right.  BELIEVE ME, you'll know when it's right.  Then pack it all into jars.  And you've got yourself the freshest, most wonderful horseradish you could ever know.