Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where there is love.....

I've been ignoring this blog for a bit whilst I work out some housekeeping chores (web hosting, etc.).  I'd much rather write than housekeep.  But yet, everything that strikes me compels me to write about it.  Last night, Big Steve and I (and Pearl and Elsa) sat outside in the very late last rays of the sun, to thank God for His blessings, and to appreciate the fact that the lightning bugs were giving us a wondrous display.  Who needs fireworks when you have God's glory to soak in?

At any rate, I just went out to check my mail and was greeted with another blessing.  Earlier this year, due to a misunderstanding, Big Steve pulled out the hedge on one side of the house.  I had explained to him that our neighbor was concerned over the unsightliness of that portion of hedge.  He took it to mean that the neighbor wanted the hedge gone, and so he tore it out.  I was HORRIFIED!!!  And yet, we came up with a plan.  Now, here at the Haney Place we live a very low-budget lifestyle.  And so it was important to choose a replanting that would suit, and fit into a frugal budget.

So God heard our plea.  Big Steve was able to find a first year (small, early) rose of sharon.  I have always loved that rose of sharon, and dearly wanted one for years.  So in it went, with no fanfare, and not much thought to its after-care (all things considered, there is always a lot going on her).

So....considering it was planted in the city, on the street, without a lot of after-care....I present the blossoms on my rose of sharon!!!


Then I turn around, and am face to face with some sweet and wonderful morning glories...must have been planted at some time in history by Mrs. Newton (God rest her soul)...and again, I am faced with beauty in my world.

Finally, upon my return to the house, I take note that Pearl, one of the best dogs ever, was keeping guard, standing watch, seeing to her mommy's back.  I thought she was in the other room, chewing her ill-gotten tupperware and watching Dick Tracy on TCM....but no, she's ever watchful, always on duty...

So I'm surrounded, on this first day of my stay-cation, with life and goodness.  And I decided to thank God today that where there is love, there is life.  Even right here in the heart of a city.