Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I don't know what a sunny June evening means to anyone else, but here at the Haney Place, it means BAR-BE-CUE!!!  Stiva did the boneless pork loin chops to a tee, there was fresh broccoli in the garden to steam, and then there was the rice done in chicken stock.  It doesn't get better than this, does it friends?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Sunny Sunday!!!

I wish I had taken pictures of the bounty of our garden today.  Steve picked, and we processed, a good full quart of peas and at least a gallon of broccoli today.  They're all snug in the freezer for winter already.  This is very early to start to put food by, and a tremendous blessing!!!  It's still work though....but I'm NOT complaining!!!  We also had enough broccoli to make a big fat bowl of broccoli salad.  Yummmmm!!!  Broccoli, cheddar cheese, bacon, onions... Yeehaw!!
I don't have pictures of that, but I DO have pictures of my son Anthony (ANG) in the Memorial Day events.  God bless him, I am so proud of him!!!

We respect those who have protected us and given the ultimate sacrifice...

And we are sobered by their sacrifice.  We can't ever forget...

And what it all boils down to....the love and freedom of the next generation.  God bless you all if you are in uniform tonight!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Derek "Bumpy" Waters - One of My Heroes!!!!!

I present one of my heroes!!!  Derek (Bumpy) Waters!!  He is working so hard for you and for me.  And he's from my home state -- New York!!!  To top that all off, he is from the Bronx -- Don't Mess Wid Me I'm From Da  Bronx!!!  But no, seriously, he is a gentle giant, a true hero, sacrificing his whole self for you and for me, whether we deserve it or not.  He is from the Bronx.  If you're not from NY at all, you might not appreciate that at all.  It's all like "Don't F*** with me, I'm From the BRONX!!!!".  But seriously, Derek is a wonderful human being, a child of God.  He's over there, represting for us!!!  (OK not representing us.  If you're not from NY, you DON'T fully understand that he is REPRESENTING FOR us).  It's a NY thing.  Derek ("Bumpy") we love and appreciate you.  You are our hero here at the Haney Place!!!  We will sleep safely tonight because of you, and we will never forget that.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Patriotism - From a Five Year Old Perspective

My Grandniece - Lekya - God bless her!!!  She has the Pledge of Allegience down pat!  You need to listen all the way to the end....

Happy Father's Day, Pa

I'd give almost anything to talk to my "Pa" today.  I need his wisdom and knowedge!!!   Even his conjecture would be a good thing, as it always was.  So whilst my spousal unit runs hither and yon to accept last minute father's day invitations from his family, I am here at home, just missing my Pa and wishing said spousal unit was here to be a comfort to me, as he is in every other situation.  If you have your Pa around today, talk to him, love him, consider what he says.  What you think is nonsense today might just make sense in 20 years or so.  I'm just sayin'.

Here's the question of the day -- howcome, when your Pa is deceased, does everyone assume that the holiday no longer holds any meaning to you and they ditch you like you had the plague?  I'm sure I'm not the only one.  But I am here alone today.  Again, I'm just sayin'.  Definitely NOT looking forward to that widow thing, if that's what the good Lord has in store for me some day. 

French Dressing?

It's summer vegetable eating season.  Which equals the need for salad dressings.  I personally HATE bottled, store-bought dressings, since they are loaded with MSG, modified food starch (gluten), artificial colors and flavors.  So we make our own whenever we can.

A long time ago, in Home Economics class, I was taught to make "French Dressing" which was basically a vinaigarette.  Today's bottled dressing is orange and contains heinous ingredients.  Today I made something in between.  It's a vinaigrette, but it contains tomatoes, which give it its lovely color.

On another note, iIn the world of bottled dressings, Russian = pink.  I'm wondering who decided that?  I'm not implying anything, mind you, I'm just sayin'!!!

As always, if you want the recipe, please comment.

Friday, June 18, 2010

All is Calm, All is Bright

For those of you who are following our shy dog, Elsa, this post is an update.  Elsa is THRIVING.  She has grown by leaps and bounds.  She smiles, she plays, she pounces, she runs.  Today, I observed her playing a very aggressive game of tug over the rawhide toy with our other dog, Tuffy.  They yapped and growled at each other all evening, but it was all in good fun.  Tonight they are both worn out, and sharing a bed.  Silent night, indeed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tonight's Menu

It was just too pretty not to take a picture.  What's that saying?  "Pretty as a Picture"?  So tonight we had oven baked seasoned chicken breasts and cheddar cheese grits with spicy black beans on the side.  Nirvana!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Real Men Don't Eat Quiche???

Yes they do!  Especially if they grew the broccoli themselves.  It's official.  The summer vegetable eating season has begun.  Yesterday it was some fine peas in a salad.  Today it's freshly cut broccoli in our gluten free quiche.  If you want the recipe -- just leave a comment.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday, Shelling Peas, Soldier Cookies, & so on....

I have felt a bit disentangled for some time. The loss of our friend Theo at the start of the year threw me, for sure. Further than I ever expected. Then I had some surgery a few weeks ago, which left me unexpectedly helpless and at another loss.

Today I feel back, somewhat. Back to myself, to some degree. Not really back, but coming back.

Today being Sunday, there was a lot going on here, even if it is the Lord's day. For one thing, our first real harvest. Stiva picked a mess of peas!!!

Which I promptly shelled:

And made into a fine salad, which went with red beans and rice, and nice skillet cornbread.  If anyone went away from the table hungry tonight, it was their own darn fault:


And oh, did I tell you we had some mighty fine guitar picking today???

Early in the day, I made some "non meltable" soldier cookies for a special someone 'over there' who shall not be named:


All in all, I would say it was a very good day!!!

One of my heroes!!!

Here is one of my heroes - SGT Dirk-Georg Oehl

A wonderful young man -- married -- father of two precious little souls.  On his third deployment.  New to this country as a LEGAL immigrant -- practically the only life he has known since coming to the US has been military service.  Lots of folks wouldn't DREAM of inconveniencing themselves for the military, but I digress.  His dream and goal is to be an Army Chaplain.  He knows and loves our Lord Jesus Christ.  I know he will be a blessing to many!!!  In so many ways, he reminds me of my dear father...  I know I will keep this family in my prayers - will you????