Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lessons Learned from Hens (Not Roosters!)

When you shop in stores for decorative kitchen items, there are roosters galore.  I'm not debating the usefulness of roosters, although we here are not looking for anything but edible eggs from our hens, so we have no use for roosters here at the Haney Place.  We are in no way rooster detractors, but roosters just don't have a place here at this time.

Where is the appreciation for the hens?  Those dear henny-penny girls who show up day after day to feed the masses?  Those unsung heroines of protein and vitamin A.  Those quiet and gentle creatures who tolerate blistering heat, freezing cold, soggy wet feet and feed (lately here in Upstate NY) or our solid clay soil which makes it impossible to find even one worm/day.  What about them?

I was contemplating my henny penny sisters tonight, and why I need to learn from them.  I closed up their pen tonight, and encouraged them into the coop to go to bed.  They knew what I was doing.  I only got gentle "thank you" coo's from them.  They had no resentment.  I understand that my hens are blind after dark, so I'm sure they appreciate the guidance.

I want to be  more like my hens.  I want to be blind to darkness, and appreciative of the leadership of my Lord God in the darkness.  This world is getting darker every day. I try to tell myself that what is going on around me every day has been foretold, and God has everything under control.  I believe this, I take it to heart, and it encourages me every day.  And yet, tonight, caring for my hens, I see that I have a long way to go toward trust and understanding in the darkness.

Tonight I am thanking Heaven for my hens!  God works in mysterious ways, that is for sure, and yet, His creation isn't that mysterious. 

Even so, there are always WOLVES outside!!!  It's just our dear Pearly girl in this instance, but even so, she is capable of harm without supervision.  So we always supervise her, just as our Father supervises those that might harm us.  I think my Father in Heaven loves me with a much more perfect love than I have for my hens, as deep as my love is.  It is difficult to comprehend that level of love.  But I truly do believe it is so.  I'm going to wrap myself in that love tonight.