Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Derek "Bumpy" Waters - One of My Heroes!!!!!

I present one of my heroes!!!  Derek (Bumpy) Waters!!  He is working so hard for you and for me.  And he's from my home state -- New York!!!  To top that all off, he is from the Bronx -- Don't Mess Wid Me I'm From Da  Bronx!!!  But no, seriously, he is a gentle giant, a true hero, sacrificing his whole self for you and for me, whether we deserve it or not.  He is from the Bronx.  If you're not from NY at all, you might not appreciate that at all.  It's all like "Don't F*** with me, I'm From the BRONX!!!!".  But seriously, Derek is a wonderful human being, a child of God.  He's over there, represting for us!!!  (OK not representing us.  If you're not from NY, you DON'T fully understand that he is REPRESENTING FOR us).  It's a NY thing.  Derek ("Bumpy") we love and appreciate you.  You are our hero here at the Haney Place!!!  We will sleep safely tonight because of you, and we will never forget that.

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