Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday, Shelling Peas, Soldier Cookies, & so on....

I have felt a bit disentangled for some time. The loss of our friend Theo at the start of the year threw me, for sure. Further than I ever expected. Then I had some surgery a few weeks ago, which left me unexpectedly helpless and at another loss.

Today I feel back, somewhat. Back to myself, to some degree. Not really back, but coming back.

Today being Sunday, there was a lot going on here, even if it is the Lord's day. For one thing, our first real harvest. Stiva picked a mess of peas!!!

Which I promptly shelled:

And made into a fine salad, which went with red beans and rice, and nice skillet cornbread.  If anyone went away from the table hungry tonight, it was their own darn fault:


And oh, did I tell you we had some mighty fine guitar picking today???

Early in the day, I made some "non meltable" soldier cookies for a special someone 'over there' who shall not be named:


All in all, I would say it was a very good day!!!

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