Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You're Such A Mom

That's what my husband told me this morning, as we were driving in to work. I was listening to the soundtrack from Anne of Green Gables and suddenly shut it off declaring "well that doesn't help at all", because I was crying.

To quote Anne, I can't cheer up, I don't want to cheer up. My son Anthony, 23, left for basic training last night. I won't see him again until the end of March, and then he will only be home for about a week before he ships back out again for four more months of Army training. It's his decision and I support him completely, but still, after all, I am a mom, and I'm entitled to be blue.

I didn't really expect to sleep well anyway, but then our little Quentin, 3 years old, had a really rough night, with monsters following him all around. Three years old is much too little (or wittle, as Quentin says) to be having to wrestle with monsters in the dark, and this little one's monsters are much more real than those of many other children, sadly.

So here's to a better night tonight. I'm still working on the NY Mets blankie in the evenings and knitting dishcloths during the day. Somehow, knitting seems to make everything seem just a little bit more manageable.

I found a website that has seemingly endless graph afghans here: They even have I Love Lucy! And their prices are amazing. I'm already planning gifts for next Christmas.....

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