Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Wedding!

My heart was a sick combination of joy and sorrow this past week.  Joy for the fact that out of all of my children, one was celebrating forever love - the first wedding in this family.  I would have given anything to be there - it broke my heart as I lay in bed too weak to make a decision to be there.  That's where the sorrow came in.  Can you just imagine having to miss your own child's wedding due to illness?

Big Steve really came through with a lot of pictures.  A civil ceremony, for sure, but precious all the same.  The actual ceremony:

That's Anthony's father and Destiny's mom standing in as witnesses.  I had been asked to stand up for Anthony, but alas, you know the outcome of that.  I'm just thankful his Dad could stand up for him.

Now, more happy pictures.  Enjoy the slideshow.  Such a beautiful couple!  I'm so proud of them both, and so happy that Destiny is now a part of my family.  She's a wonderful girl, and my son was wise to get that ring on her finger.

Here's to young love, to new beginnings, to hopes and dreams, and to better days for us all!!!  Anthony & Destiny, I love you both!


Sylvia said...

I just wanted to congratulate your whole family on this monumental step. I am so happy for Anthony and Destiny. I am saddened by the fact you were so sick and unable to make the ceromony. I wish you the best and I hope you get well soon.

Linda said...

I want to congratulate Anthony and Destiny on their nuptials. They are made for each other. May God bless them and their future family. I'm sorry that you were sick and couldn't make it. The photo's came out great. Take care.