Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday Cake???

I didn't need to do this, and I didn't intend to do this.  I'm struggling with a chronic issue that causes me pain and exhaustion, and I had NO intention of doing this tonight.


If there is breath in my bones, I cannot control myself once I hit the kitchen.  THEREFORE, tonight I made a 1/4 sheet of Ida Walker's (God help me it's soooo good) Chocolate Cake.  It's one of those recipes you really can't freaking ruin, even if you are suffering short term memory issues.  I found that I had left out one essential ingredient (the fat!!!) and stirred in the butter and it was fine. 

If you wish the recipe, you need to contact me.  It is a friends only secret.  And the blessed pictures didn't take.  This is a communist plot..just sayin'...


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