Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cheap and Easy Eats Haney Style - Cream Cheese & Chive Omelettes

Tonight it was just me and Big Steve.  So...what says a night off more than breakfast in the evening?  Anyway, I pay homage tonight to the two wonderful ladies who taught me to make an omelette at Scotia Glenville Central School's Home Economics Class -- Ms. Sonia Klinkow and Ms. Keenan - I'm so sorry if I mis-remembered your names, but you made a definite impact on my life, Haney Style!!!!

So anyway, I had some uncooked bacon, and first of all, when I arrived home, big Steve had that bacon frying in the pan.  What in the world smells better than bacon frying in the pan when you walk through the front door?

At any rate, we had a wonderful training in cooking and sewing at Scotia Glenville schools back in the day.  It's pretty funny.  I remember a particular gym teacher being tall, dark and handsome, and all the girls had a crush on him.  One of the girls who works for me (where I work), same age as my daugters, had the same gym teacher and she remembers him as old and creepy.....  I don't really think he was creepy, but it just goes to show you how a few years' difference can mean a lot...

At any rate...take some really awesome free-range eggs from healthy, running, bug eating chickens, and stir em up really well in a bowl with some raw milk and some sea salt and freshely ground pepper.  Heat up your skillet/pan really well with some raw/real butter (or whatever butter you got) and then pour in the egg mixture.  Yummmmmmm......

Anyway, heat up your skillet with a good amount of fat, (butter, bacon, whatever) and then stir up however many eggs (at least 2 per person).  Flop them into the pan.  As they start to set, use your spatula to let the liquid middles cook on the outside that you flopped up with your spatula....

When it's all half set, add your filling.  We used cubed cream cheese and some chives.  After they have set in a bit, use your spatula to flop the whole thing in half. 

At any rate, let me know if you have any questions.  If you can get your hands on some really good quality eggs, ths is a really wonderful vegetarian version of the sit down dinner.  Takes two minutes, and it's cheap eats.  Thank you so much, Mrs. Keenan and Mrs. Klinkow!!!

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