Thursday, April 25, 2013

Time for Tea

And so we're back.  It's as easy and gentle as that.  We won't share how we cleaned the coop today, or were scolded by hens, or shooed frisky dogs away, or cleaned the litter boxes, or did our full time jobs.  But we'll share that there were tremendous amounts of love here for the past 24 hours.  And tremendous amounts of work in the name of love to come.  So very cryptic - but those who felt the love know who they are and those who will receive the love will likely never know where it came from.  More on that in the near future.

But for tonight, rest assured,we've been working and busy.  And glad to be back writing and blogging.  And tonight, I'm pooped, and it's time for tea. Tea is always a good thing!!!

Oh yes, of course, it's always sleepytime tea for me, and those aren't orange slices, they're meyer lemons.  And you're blessed if you can find them.

Night Nights friends -- I'm happy to be back!!!

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