Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh dear...It's a Good Thing Ricky Loves Lucy...

Big Steve fixed the dryer yesterday...that is a very good thing!!!!!  HOWEVER, whilst he was upstairs making said repairs...Little Miss Elsa was downstairs making her

If you have ever wondered what those confounded springs in your mattress look like, here's your chance to have a gander.

So last night, there was a trip to a department store for a new set of sheets to replace these BRAND NEW sheets, a project of restuffing and attempting to screw that spring back into the mattress, and of course, a stern word or two to little miss naughty pants.  It was not lost on us, however, that the dear girl really is doing wonderfully in terms of overcoming her shy behaviors.  She smiles broadly most days, wags her tail in our presence, she has even barked a time or two recently.  Hooray!!!

Yes, it's really a good thing Ricky loves Lucy here at the Haney Place!

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