Saturday, July 3, 2010

Old Dogs, And Freezer Cooking

Honeysuckle smells just like sweet perfume...old dogs sleeping by the door.  Watermelon rinds Momma puts up in the jar...and the city folks, they call us poor...

That is....a big IF...IF your old dog doesn't have any health issues or procilvities toward unhealthful behaviors, such as eating dead birds whenever the situation presents itself.  OK, I am the first to admit that when I make a poor, life-threatening decision, I would hope to learn from it and not do the same thing next time around.

Now,  I am NOT implying that Tuffy is not the sharpest crayon in the box, but here we are, for the second time in less than a years, and we're dealing with a really unspeakable horror in terms of excretionary verbage.  Already I have gone too far.  Egads!  Suffice it to say that it's a really good thing we really love him!! And after several days of (diarrhea-related) stress, we're really mindful of why we love those who are important to us...

Oh, but I promised Freezer cooking!  We had an extrmely fulfilling day in that we were able to replace my mother's side view mirror without costing her $400.  Oh, and we put by almost 2 dozen breakfast sandwiches in the freezer this afternoon.  Sausage/egg/cheese/ or ham/egg/cheese.  A BUNCH of breakfasts.  A freezer blessing.  Tomorrow we'll tackle the french toast/pancake freezer cooking blessing.

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