Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Think I'm Having a Stroke

No, not seriously.  Not me, anyway.  But my best buddy, Theo, would appear to be suffering from small strokes.  Last weekend he acted like he had a bad headache.  Now, his left eye is sagging, left leg is dragging a bit.  Even so, he seems comfortable and content. 

I returned home from shopping today and I was scared because he didn't seem to be anywhere.  As it was, he was SOUND asleep in a bed tucked around the corner, a bed much too small for him.  But he was sleeping soundly and comfortably.

I hope that someday, if I live long enough to be very, very old, that someone cares enough about me to respect me and care if I'm comfortable.

As for Theo, he is now getting soft treats rather than the home dried liver treats, and lots more pats on the head.  He is still a tail wagging fellow, and honestly, he still thinks his name is "handsome".  Yes, he answers to Theo.  But also to "handsome", "buddy" and "bless your heart".  Bless him.

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