Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Pantry

We have been asked about our pantry.  We're not survivalists, per se, but we are prudent, hopefully.  Our family members know they can always come here for a good meal.  We don't do gourmet, but actually, we do, occasionally.  Stay tuned for our do-ahead gourmet Thanksgiving feast!  At any rate, should some sort of disaster occur, we have at least a few weeks of food to see us through, one way or another.

Given the fact that we grow and gather and store so much, we really do need a well organized and thought-out pantry.  For us, it is a tiny little "bedroom" in this old farmhouse.  No closet, barely any sunlight, which suits the pantry just fine and dandy.  So...a tour of a very well stocked pantry.


This is the dry goods -- canned vegetables, pasta, cereal, grains, convenience foods, dried beans (commercial), popcorn, canned meat, etc.

Then we have the baking/dried fruit center:


This also includes dried fruits, various mixes, etc.  As you can see, there is a goodly supply of vitamins/supplements on the windowsill.  Normally, I would not recommend such storage, but there is precious little light coming in through this alley window, so it's all good.

Now on to the food storage: 

Storage implements and such on top, dried and home canned foods next, followed by paper and cleaning products and then some delightful entertaining storage (aka huge foil pannage, huge turkey roasters, those blessed tins my mother gave me -- they hold the Haney Holiday Goodness, and then there is the wonderfulness of leftover Christmas disposable servingware).

Now onto the more miscellaneous:


So we're venturing into the realm of miscellaney.  Oh, and catch that crazy clamp light!  Top shelf (my daughter Kim's -- we're just about to rebless her with this "stuff" on Thanksgiving day); next shelf cards, stationery and stuff for the soldiers angels work; more food storage tools and food processing stuff that won't fit in the kitchen, and more envelopage (for the soldiers angels stuff).

Last but not least:


Looks like disarray in this picture, but in actuality it's a packing/shipping center.  Boxes, labels, customs forms, priority mail miscellaney, and oh, those two wee suitcases are MY BARBIES from my childhood.  I'm sure they're not worth anything except to me, but I swear, in another post, I'll dress and pose them and enjoy it immensely.

So, even though we're smack dab in the middle of the city and have no spare space, as you can see, there is room for a well thought out pantry.  I'm pretty sure you could do this in a corner of your bedroom, if you needed to.  More and more these days, I feel the need to provide for an immediate future.  I'm pretty sure, if left alone, our household could get by for a couple of weeks, at least.

We'll talk about the freezer in another post, really soon.

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