Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fresh Blueberry Pie Recipe

So.....we are almost harrassed lately...why don't we post more.  It's just that there is SO MUCH going on.  It's not that we don't think "this would be so awesome to share" or "what an awesome picture".  It's just that, when the day's work is done and there is still and hour's worth of peas to shell, blogging becomes lost in the shuffle.  But that's not a good thing.  This humble little blog has begun to earn us a very modest income.  Very modest...don't get excited now.  BUT.....if one of the ads on our blog interests you, please feel free to explore that advertiser's information.  But PLEASE don't just click blindly thinking you'll help us.  Google is much too smart for that!!!  Rule of thumb, if you find it interesting, it will help us if you click.  If not, please just do what's natural and ignore the ads.

That being said...someone at tonight's dinner table shared that the fresh blueberry pie we had tonight was perhaps the first really fresh homemade pie he had ever enjoyed.  SERIOUSLY??????  Egads!!!  In this day and age, in this world of pre-made, pre-formed pie leathers (oh, sorry, I meant pie crusts), I guess there are any number of folks who have never truly enjoyed a fresh home-made fruit pie. we go!!!

First, you need a really good crust.  This is SO SIMPLE you could do it in your sleep.  It hasn't changed since my home ec teachers taught me the basics 40 years ago.  I swear.  This is the back cover of the cookbook I have used for over 3 decades now, but I guarantee you, it has not changed...

So...if you can't read it, it's 2 cups of flour, 1 tsp. of salt (mix it together) and then cut in (with a pastry blender  or two knives) 2/3 cup of shortening or lard.  Lard is better for you, if it's from a local farmer.  After cutting in the fat, toss the mix with 6-7 tablespoons of ice water, just until it forms a ball.  It's really important to use ice water, and really important to handle as little as possible.  I toss with a cold fork. It seriously takes 2 minutes, and this is how you get FLAKY pastry (unlike that leathery stuff you buy pre-made and pre-formed from the supermarket, at a real cost!!!)  This whole pie crust should only cost you pennies. 

Roll out half of that barely handled dough on a floured surface.  It should make a 9" circle (for a 9" pie crust). 

So now, make your filling.  What's your pleasure?  Tonight we had blueberries, but you could just as easily use any fruit.  This is a fresh fruit pie.  Mix 5 cups of your favorite fruit, 1/2 cup of sugar (whatever sugar you like to use, just PLEASE don't use my recipe with some sort of chemical sweetener) and 1/4 cup of flour.  Mix it all up good and then pour it into that pastry lined pie pan.  :-)

Omigosh yes, this is so good!!!  Now, put that top pastry on (the second half).  Put a bunch of slits into the top crust with a knife.  If you have any trouble rolling it out, if it doesn't work for you, let me know.  It's just a matter of having the right amount of flour and the right rolling surface.

So..............Bake that whole mess at 375 for about 40 minutes.  Just about 40 minutes.  The fruit SHOULD's wise to have a foil lined cookie sheet underneath.  I didn't do that tonight.  (I need to clean my oven tomorrow - argh...)

So you end up with this:

And this:

And if you've made a fresh fruit pie with homemade crust, someone should say "Hey, that was sooooooooooo good" even though they already had apple bourbon pork roast, savory savoy coleslow and garlic bread sticks.  Yummm-yummm.......just good food.

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