Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Pack

Thanks all for your patience.  Tonight you may or may not feel blessed with a peek into our pack.  Right now, for a variety of reasons, it is my main focus.  Tuffy has begun to feel all of his 15 years, and each day brings something new, and new thoughts.  For anyone who has lost a pet, please bear in mind that we lost Theo in January of 2010, and then PooPoo this year.  The gravity of the "decision" is life changing, no matter how long you live, and no matter  how many times you are face with the responsibility of "that" decision.  These dear puppies and kitties depend on us 100%, even more in their puppy/kitty minds.  I'm not trying to be morbid, but that's just where our minds are tonight.  No decisions tonight - just enjoying the pack. 

At any rate, on to life!  And to the youngsters enjoying all that God has created for them to enjoy.  I know I have enjoyed them!!!  And so, in no certain order, the Haney Place Pack, for your enjoyment -- and please forgive the chaos of a three-dog household...

I make no apologies for my lack of cinenamagraphic skills.  I have none.  Spelling neither.  So fix it, if you wish.  It's bloddy HOT here tonight, that's just about all I know.

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