Saturday, October 31, 2009


I had convinced myself that this year we were NOT going to participate in this annual shakedown of grown-ups for candy.  After all, when you're a grown-up, you make your own decisions and you can be grumpy and surly and turn off your porch light if you darn well please.  Can I get an amen here?

Well, I got home from work tonight, thinking it was halloween, and feeling mighty bad.  After all, I remember when, as a child, I went out trick-or-treating and wanting to show off my fine choice of costume, at the very least.  I remember seeing those few darkened front porches and feeling just a little disappointed.

So, I'm off to BJ's for a bag of candy.  Whatever is left can go with me to work on Monday.  There is a dear, dear lady who delivers our mail who will do almost anything for a chocolate fix!  And her hugs are sweeter than almost anything else that goes on at my workplace.

So, my conscience will be assuaged, the kids will be happy, Miss Nancy-Pants will be happy, and I might get a great big hug out of the deal to boot.  Miss Nancy-Pants, hats off to you, even if you are, well, slightly bananas!!

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