Monday, October 11, 2010

What I'm Thankful For - Via Joradn

I'm telling you right now, close the browser window and walk away if you are tender hearted.

If you are still reading, brace yourself.  My daughter has a dog.  The dog's name is Joradan.  She's my granddaugger.  My first "grandchild".  Actually, I take much of the credit for potty training this little lady.  And I am not a racist, but Jordan has behaved so.  She really does respond violently to black folks!  Can't say why -- especially since she is jet black herself.  But on more than one occasion she has been a real jacka$$ to black folks.  There is simply no explanation.  This means nothing other than stating Jordan's fleshly self.

(Jordan is the one on the left, God love her...)

But back to the story.  Stephanie rescued Jordan (with my entire blessing) several years ago, while Stephanie was still a high school student and living under my roof.  She lived with us all a short time, then Stephanie went off on her own and took dear Jordan (my granddaugher) with her.  They have been inseparable ever since.

Lately, Jordan's behavior has been erratic, to say the least.  Stef took her to the vet, and the answer is that Jordan's mammary growths (cancer) have spread to her lungs and to her brain.  The vet gave Stef a life expectancy today of  2 weeks to 2 months - the end of November at best.

So ok, we love Jordan.  We have been loving Jordan.  She is our dear one, our sweet heart.  We hate to lose her -- we don't know if we can handle being without her.  I am concerned about how Stephanie will handle being without her.  At least for a while, till the hurt is less new and raw.

But today's x-ray told us something else.  Someone (we think we know who) had shot Jordan with bb's.  Seriously.  It's in there, on the x-ray.  Someone shot her for sport.  A cocker spaniel.  Man's best friend.  An angel.  A 20 pound wonder.  Someone shot her.  On purpose.

Words fail me.

Words fail me.

So.....deep breath.....

Jordan is a wonder of joy, energy, curiosity, willfulness, you name it.  She, like most dogs, lives in the moment.  Stephanie has given her love and care and joy for years now.  Jordan and Stephanie are like ying and yang.  They complete each other.  Stephanie will no doubt be at a huge loss when Jordan passes.  But at least she has a bit of time to prepare herself.

And Stephanie is like Jordan -- full of love and zest and life -- she will be fine -- after a while.

But what about the one who had to shoot a dog?  What about that?  What kind of life is a dog-shooter living?  Could they know God?  Do they know God?  Again -- words fail me!

Dear Heavenly Father -- thank you SO MUCH for the love and mercy you shower upon us each and every day.  THANK YOU for your grace and for showing us goodness and plenty and bounty in this earthly life every day that we wake up and our feet touch the floor.  THANK YOU for our families and our friends and for your total acceptance of us just as we are -- not worthy of you and yet, you love us.  Dear Father -- PLEASE touch the heart of the person who did this -- wherever they were in their earthly walk back then, Father -- please show them your grace and mercy and show them the love of your salvation, through Christ Jesus, Amen!

Thank you Lord.

And this is why I praise God tonight.

I told you not to read........

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