Saturday, May 1, 2010


That's her name, at least right now.  Her name is Baby, and she has a home.  For tonight.

Let me explain.  Steve and I went to my friend's house early in the day (Linda Brown -- she knows who she is!!!)  We went there with our little cultivator to help Linda till up her front yard, which had previously been yucked up by grubs.

So there we were, me and Linda, supervising Big Steve while he cultivated her front yard.  And then the suggestion was made that some peat moss would be a very good thing.  Linda Brown indicated that she believed she had some in her (rarely frequented) garage.

So we went out the the aforementioned garage.  And the mournful cry, the feeble meow, that desperate cry for help welcomed our peat moss seeking ears.  My first thought was OMG.

Linda's brother (deathly allergic to cats) came out and urged us on "Get that stuff out of the way!!!" as we made our way to the little thing - an orange marmalade tabby now known as "Baby".  She had been trapped for some time -- long enough to be horribly dehydrated and starving to death.

The long story -- several phone calls to local vets, rescue groups -- finally we got a real person at the end of the phone.  I can't say enough for these dear people.  They thanked me for bringing Baby in - all I could think of was THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME HUMANS WHO ACTUALLY CARE!!!  I don't know, but lately I have had the feeling that the majority of people are out for what they can get. Here is their website:  They are the best people you will ever meet.  Or SUPPORT!!!

The plain and simple fact is that there are still plenty of people out for what they can GIVE!!!

I wish I had a picture, but I'm pretty sure my tears of fear, worry, and ultimately gratitude would have clouded it.  I'm pretty sure most of my excessive tears were for the beauty of these selfless people -- the knowledge that GOOD is strong and present -- despite how it seems in my everyday life.  All I know is, these people are awesome.  If you are in the neighborhood for a pet, please go see these wonderful people.  If not, please go there and make some small contribution.  In Baby's name.

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