Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hoppin' John

I started with the Goya recipe on the bag of black eyed peas, but mightily modified it as follows:

Take a pound of black eyed peas.  Put them in a big pot with about 4 cups of water, and bring to a boil.  Shut it off, and put it on the back of the stove.  Meanwhile...

Fry up some sausage.  Tonight we used about 1/2 lb. of chorizo and 1/2 lb of smoked sausage.  Use whatever you have.  Fry it up, take it out of the pan, leave the fat in the pan, and then...

Chop up the following:
  • at least one large onion
  • at least two stalks of celery
  • about one pepper, green, red, whatever you have.
Throw the vegetables into the pot with the fat (and some olive oil, if needed) till somewhat tender.

Throw everything into the pot with the beans and water.  Also, grind in some sea salt or kosher salt, and some freshly ground pepper.  A splash of green picante sause gives it just a little kick.

Cook it all up till the beans are almost tender.  Then throw in a cup of uncooked white rice, and simmer slowly for 15 more minutes

It's healthy, tasty, warm, filling, CHEAP, oh, excuse me, frugal, gluten-free, and best of all, AWESOME!!!

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