Sunday, May 2, 2010

John & Terri

John K.  Bless him.  He's over there.  He has already been almost taken out by a roadside bomb.  He's away, because it would appear to be the only way to provide for his wife and children.  One wife, three precious little boys.  Little HANDFULs, if you will excuse the expression.

This photo is John re-enlisting.  Awesome, patriotic, wonderful, right?  Let me tell you, this man's family needs him.  So much.  And he IS doing what he needs to do.  They have a secure roof, good benefits, what they need, right?  He's protecting your right to sit in your comfort and read this internet post.  Even if you're being a jerk tonight, Johh is on duty, making sure you are secure.  And Terri is over HERE, making sure John's babies are safe and secure.

Terri is struggling being a single mom with some "creative" kids.  Bless her.  You have no idea.  She's doing a wonderful job, but she needs our prayers and support.

How many families are hanging on by a thread, just like this precious family?  This family needs every bit of our wonder, appreciation, thankfulness, and support.  And how many more are just exactly like them?

Bless them, thank them, find them, help them.  If you don't know how, go to  They will help you figure it out.  You owe them your peaceful night's sleep tonight, or any night.  You owe them the fact that car bombs aren't going off in your neighborhood.  Don't think so?  Stay tuned, friend.  I'm just sayin'

Oh, can I just say THANK YOU JOHN & TERRI!!!!!  I don't go to sleep at night, any night, that I don't thank God for all of you.  You are silent heroes.  You are my heroes.  Those children are my heroes!!!

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