Monday, May 31, 2010

On Memorial Day - And Soldiers Angels

I am waiting for a picture of my son Anthony (ANG) marching in today's Memorial Day parade.  I was really sad not to be able to go myself due to my recent surgery.  Well, knowing how "kids" are, especially my kids, I'm not holding my breath for the picture.  Instead, I present Pa, my Pa, Thomas Walker.  At least, his photos in his uniform, and his memorial flag.  Pa served in the US Navy as a machinist during World War II.  He was a wonderful man, and I'm sure he was a wonderful soldier.  He and Anthony make me understand that our men and women in uniform are human beings with lives and loves.  They deserve our honor and respect for going that extra mile, or thousands of miles, by giving of themselves selflessly to ensure our freedoms, yours and mine, whether we deserve them or not.

If you want to know how to support our deployed soldiers, veterans, and their families, please go to and sign up.  There are so many teams.  You can write, give, ship, send greeting cards, bake cookies, make quilts for wounded soldiers, lap afghans for veterans, you name it.  If you have a gift, you can use it there for sure.  They even supply hand crafted canes to injured vets!!!

Now, I wasn't sure I was going to mention this, and I'm not judging.  I'm just wondering why our Commander in Chief couldn't tear himself away from his vacation today to attend the services at Arlington National Cemetery.  I realize that other presidents weren't always able to make the services, but not because of vacation.  Maybe our armed forces are doing such a GREAT job maintaining our freedoms that it has become too easy for some to take them for granted.  I'm not sure, I'm just sayin'.

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