Saturday, May 29, 2010

They Helped - And I Needed Them!

Sorry to have been away for so long. I had some really stinky surgery on my left foot last week, and it left me almost completely helpless. Now I am hobbling around on crutches, but I'm still very, very limited in what I am able to do.

For the first few days, Stiva took care of me and the house by himself. This included administering PAIN medications on DEMAND (oh, I never want to go back to that pain again), keeping my foot packed in ice around the clock for 48 hours or so, running the household, taking care of the garden, cooking, cleaning, caring for the animals, and even painting and reorganizing a spare room upstairs. He was exhausted, and I don't blame him.
Then, two angels descended on the Haney Place in the form of Kimberly (my daughter) and Nikki (I want to adopt her for my own). They cooked, they cleaned, they fetched me glasses of water and cups of tea, they did laundry, they took care of the dogs. You name it, and they did it. And during the whole week they were here, they kept the atmosphere in the house upbeat, fun, and most often, downright silly. God love 'em, I appreciate so much what they did!!

They even baked soldier cookies!!!  (And walked the packages to the post office and filled out the customs forms, to boot!)

So they just left, and it's quiet here.  Maybe a little too quiet.  But I'm sure quiet and rest will help me mend more quickly.  But it won't be half as much fun!!!


Sam said...

Glad you had some help, and hope you're feeling better now!

MaryBeth said...

I am feeling better. But I'm feeling bad about having to miss my son's parade on Monday. He's in the Army National Guard. I hope someone gets me a picture to post.