Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Birds and The Bees recipe tonight.  Just beauty.  Big Steve was away for the weekend, and I was left to fend for myself.  So I could have chosen to be grumpy this am at 4:57....I'm sorry, but no matter who you are, that's pretty early!!!  But I chose to be a good guy and investigate what was going on with the near dawn din....I was greeted with a male cardinal sitting atop our feeder. singing his lungs out as if he might was moving, despite the hour.

I did NOT have my wits about me to have the camera at that hour.  However, I did get out a bit later and catch:

Pinks - which plant themselves each year.  God love em!

Oregano - already replacing that which we caught/dried/put away for the year.  The goodness of God!

 The Cosmos we planted a week or so ago, now taking root....

Verbena - I never heard of verbena before this - only the "lemon verbena" essence on 'Little House on the Prairie" -- this verbena reminds me of "Sweet William", one of my favorite flowers...

The clematis from my friend Claire, from NYS.  Claire, I hope you can enjoy the beauty of your gift to us!!!

The beauty of the roses that are growing wild here...we might have a bit of influence on how well they are doing, but can't take full credit...but lastly...the beauty of the day here..wish it was a better photo....

I just wish I had a more telescopic lens to appreciate his gorgeous redness!  He is eating and singing like it's his job, well, seriously, that IS his job!!!  Big Steve will have all he can do to keep that feeder full.  I only pray we might have film of a cardinal fledge, as we did a few years ago!!!

So you might now be excited, but we really are.  So there you go.

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