Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chicken Sauce

You know what?  Chicken Butt!!!  Ok, I know that's seriously juvenile, but my own children taught me that several years ago, and it's a smart a$$ joke for me even today (ask the young woman who works with me) but I digress....

Loads of years ago (since we are so old), my brother came home from dinner with the family of a friend (who just happened to be attending chef school somewhere in NYS) and declared he had enjoyed the BEST grilled chicken ever, hands down.  We copied the recipe, and YES!!!!  Hands down, this was the best grilled chicken recipe ever.  It's so simple, I hate to even share the secret recipe.  It's vintage (meaning in my big brother's own handwriting some 50 years ago), it's simple, and it's seriously tasty!  Please copy, and enjoy. 

It's just so easy, just mix it all up....

and then use a really cheap paint brush (or really expensive food brush, but of course, you already know where we stand here at the Haney Place......grill slowly, and end up with this:

Oh yes, good eats, and on the cheap, like we love to do here!!!  That recipe for white bean/dill salad tomorrow.


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