Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome Pearl!!!

It is with full and happy hearts that we invite you to join us in welcoming a dear one, Miss Pearl!!!  Understand we did not enter into this relationship impulsively.  We have studied on this situation some months now.  We have searched high and low for just the right drop to add to the chemistry of this place.  We made our decision with great caution, so as to respect everyone's needs and feelings.  After all, three dogs is a bit of a handful, and a  heartful.  But we are happy to report that our prayers have been answered, and we have been blessed with a small (albeit rapidly growing) puppy machine who appears to have all the right stuff to be termed "best dog ever" someday.  At ony 14 weeks, she is really housebroken.  Even with a bit of a belly ache from moving day, this little "pearl" of a girl saved her poopies for the outside.  I don't know too many puppies with that amount of mental wherewithal, do you?  Add to all of this the fact that this little girl already understands (and obeys) "sit", "stay", "come" and best of all, her new name of "Pearl" after only 24 hours??????  We've seriously enjoyed the whole rescue thing with the older or needier pups, but this little well-adjusted ray of sunshine has brought some serious goodness and balance to our home already.

She's a bit dark, and I'm having a little trouble taking good pictures of her in this cloud and gloom, so I'll offer up her  rescue angels  photos (if there is any way you could help these good people, even $5.00, PLEASE DO!!!)

Now on to the name....her rescue name was "Tinker".  Adorable.  But, to me, a baby name.  I wanted the name of a strong woman.  I had a few names "Phoebe Gilbert" for one, and then there was "Thelma Lou".  Big Steve didn't agree.  Then today I demanded he come up with something, because I didn't think 24 hours should pass before a name was agreed upon by all (most importantly, that little blessed being!).  So he stated simply "Pearl".  Wow.  So simple.  And yet.....  Pearly Girl.  Knit and Pearl.  Pearl of the Ocean.  Precious Pearl.  And yes......the love of life of Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs....Pearl.........

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plfairy14 said...

Congrats on pearl! She looks lovely and I look forward to meeting her!!