Friday, June 3, 2011

Elsa Unleashed - The "Shy Dog" on FIlm

Hooray!!! For our followers, this is a huge victory!!! Actually, she has been off the leash for quite a while. But if you love the shy dog (we love all dogs!!!!) Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. If you are a homesteader, this is a heartwarming clip of a hunting breed (the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever), behaving as the Good Lord intended. If you just really love dogs and/or really wish you were homesteading, this clip will warm the cockles of your heart. By the way, what are cockles????

At any rate, this is what I observed tonight, and this is pretty much what we observe every night, bless Elsa's heart. Tomorrow I promise to present a tutorial on a useful recipe, so thanks to our recipe readers to bear with us on our dog rescue victory tonight. Thanks to all of you for bearing with us whilst we brag on our canine offspring. Okay, it might seem lame for those of you who choose the pick of the litter with great care. But for those of us who choose the neediest....this film is bloody freaking AWESOME!!!

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Anonymous said...

She is gorgeous, and so happy! Congratulations! (PT)