Saturday, June 4, 2011

Respecting Our Elders

Another dog post. So sorry it's not a recipe. But here at the Haney Place, we truly believe that our creator gave us dogs for a purpose - our dogs teach us everythig we ever need to know. A lot of us had a good laugh at Tuffy, after he got shaved for the summer. Tuff's a real old boy, and the hair plus the undercoat were weighing him down in the heat. So he got shaved. More here

So anyway, we really do need to respect those who have gone before us, done the work, fought the battles, learned the lessons, and just lived the life. And even when they need a blankie to keep them warm on a June Saturday, that's ok too. We'll fold that blankie just right for them, because it's the right thing to do. Elsa is learning this. She's a shy dog, but also an alpha. But she's learning the respect, the order, the way it is. Why can't we all be more like our dogs???


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