Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Free at last!!!!

My Mom just had her last follow up appointment with her opthalmic plastic surgeon today.  Her LAST appointment with this man.  It's the end of an era.

This poor woman has had four eye surgeries since late in May.  Two corrective procedures for ectropion (lower eye lid turning out).  Just think -- 45 minutes each of cutting, burning, stitching.  All while being wide awake.

Also, two cataract surgeries.  I know folks think "oh, cataracts, piece of cake".  But if you're 85, having four surgeries, two including anesthesia over a couple of months, it's really a big deal and would wear any of us out. we stand, free at last, and to quote a great man, "Thank God Almighty, we are Free At Last" !!!!

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