Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gingerbread Boys vs. Gingerbread Girls

You know it's almost Christmas when the gingerbread folks are being decorated.  This year, I have a need for more gingerbread boys vs. gingerbread girls.  And YET, I am compelled to create as many gingerbread girls as boys.

What could this mean?

I could go into a discourse as to the relevance of real feminism (women using their God-given gifts to be their best) as opposed to Steinemism (women acting like men).

I'm making a decision to stick with gingerbread.  I'll make a boy for every boy on my list and a girl for every girl on my list, and a couple of extra girls, because I need to stick up for my own kind!!!

Oh, and did I add that my dearest of spousal unit's added a new layer of linoleum to the kitchen at the Haney Place?  I know, nothing here is supposed to look like it's past 1959, however, I'm pretty sure it looks like l959 ghetto-style.  God bless us everyone!!!

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