Friday, February 26, 2010

And It's Friday

Tonight, we had "Death Dogs".  Of course, they weren't death dogs when they were conceived.  I don't even know who conceived them.  But they are awesomely tasty and wonderful.  And if you eat them regularly, they are "DEATH DOGS".

So, first you get your wieners, and I'm thinking those wieners on a string are a safe bet.  They're not on a string for nothing, you know.

So you cook your wieners and then stuff them into hot dog buns lined up in a pan.  A flat pan.  Then you take some soft butter and rub it down either side of the bunned weiners.  Yummmmmmmm....

Now, you put a slice of cheese atop each, followed by a slice of bacon.  So, actually, YES!!!  You've got a hotdog nestled in white bread, topped with butter, cheese and bacon.

Take the whole mess in the pan, and put it under your broiler.  You know...that's when only the top light is lit in your oven.  (Sorry if you're way more savvy than this, but I have been asked lately to be more specific.  And scrumptious food is worth both the asking, as well as the answer!!!)

So anyway, watch them carefully.  And if they cook, and don't burn, you have nirvana on your table tonight.  I'm just sayin'. 

Nothing for everyday eatin'.  But surely, for an end of a (stupid) week treat, you can't beat it!!!

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