Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We have WORD! Part Last

We received word yesterday that Elsa is ours, barring any freakish circumstance.  I know she will be blessed by her new friend and companion, Tuffy.  He was a gentle companion first to Nikki, our dear friend Anna's dog, and then to our own beloved Theo.  Tuffy has a servant's heart and a healing manner.


Keep those prayers coming.  Elsa has a long way to go before she isn't haunted by fears perpetually.  She needs to find out that being a dog is a VERY GOOD thing!


Anonymous said...

Ah. A Keshound. Am I correct? We use to have a Keshound. Now we have a sammy. We had two Sammy's and a Dalmatian but sadly we have lost 2 in the past 2 years.

MaryBeth said...

Yes, he is a keeshond! Most folks aren't familiar with the breed. Tuffy was my uncle's dog until my uncle passed on. So we took him, since he's family and all.

What is a Sammy?