Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sister Agnes

As I run around this place on the Lord's Day, trying to bring peace to all who enter here -- I feel a bit disheveled more often than not.  Things aren't what they ought to be, and sometimes, quite frankly, I don't even care.

It brings to mind a dear sister in the Lord, Sister Agnes, who ran her home in much the same way.  I'm pretty sure she was spread way thinner than I am now.  Her home was, oftentimes, in disarray.  But if you visited there, you felt the hospitality of the Lord, and you were welcomed and never judged.  Especially if you were a raggedy, dirty little child.  Dear Agnes never saw that dirty child.  She only saw that dear creation of her Lord, made for a purpose.  She really was blessed.

I remember thinking, in my foolish youthful mind, that I wouldn't want to run my home in such a way.  So, when we judge, the dear Lord gives us a measure of understanding. 

He judges us by who we are, by our faith, by how we love him, by our service, not how others judge us.  So I'm taking comfort in the fact that I know that folks are blessed when they come here.  They keep coming back in droves.  And friends, that's not me.  It's not my home.  It's nothing here.  I strongly suspect my dear Sister Agnes had some of the same thoughts running through her head as well.

It's God's love.  It's peace.  It's real joy.

I'll leave you with this...because it's what I'm listening to right now...

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