Monday, January 25, 2010


Seriously, that word means so much.

In positive terms of having received word (OMG, I have become such a middle-aged something or other) I received FREAKING AWESOME WORD TODAY from my dear buddy Dave ... witness

HEY HI !!!!!!!!!!!

How are you !!! ??? so sorry for the delay, we were without internet for a while and we were on the move again.... had an opportunity to get out of there and went.....
I just got home friday night !!!!!!!!! back in the USA!!!

Thank you for all of your packages!!!!!!!

So anyway, no matter what else today, it is an awesome blessed day!!!  You have no idea.  This man, whilst deployed in the hellholes of whoknowswhere pulled my sorry butt out of the "IWORKWITHA$$HOLES" more times than any friend should have been called upon.  I will  never forget the encouraging words -- "Tell him to go pound sand -- and if he doesn't know where to find some I can send him about a trillion truckloads!!!" -- Words of encouragement!! 
But praise God, Dave is home, safe and sound. And TRUST GOD, his life is just beginning.  And the terror and challenges are real here, but I feel that he is able to deal with it.  And if not, HEY, there's always a room here at the Haney Place!!!!

Hey, I'm just enjoying my ecstacy at this very precious human having returned home.  GOD BLESS US, EVERYONE!!!

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