Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tribute to Theo

So we are finally able to do this.  Saying goodbye is so hard.  Theo was so much to us.  He was the first real dog Steve ever loved.  He was the portrait of what a Christian ought to be.  He was a true friend.  He was a good and faithful servant, to the end.  We could go on for pages on what he meant to us.  Anyway...


???/1996 - 1/2/2010


Also known as

"Good Puppy"

"Best Boy"


"Bless Your Heart"

To know Theo was to understood why dogs are known as "Man's Best Friend"

Theo's favorite activities were

Rolling around on the warm grass

Guarding Mommy

Hanging out while Dad worked in the garden

We miss you, dear friend.

Mommy, Dad & Tuffy

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