Monday, January 18, 2010

It Doesn't Seem Fair

We're just recovering from grieving the loss of our best friend, Theo.  And now, PooPoo seems to be shutting down.  Granted, she's a gazillion, trillion years old.  But she has always been too mean to go away.  Mean, aggressive, just plain full of chutzpah!

PooPoo has been with me for the raising of my children, she has moved to three different homes, she understands more about me than anyone I know. 

We've said for months now that she is nothing but skin and bones, despite her appetite.  Well, she is a hundred and a gazillion years old.  It's just that this week, I'm noticing.  She lives to warm herself on the radiator, and not much more

PooPoo, I love you.  I know it's almost your time, but I don't have to be ok with that just yet.

Bless her.

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