Friday, September 10, 2010

Apples...and Apples...and Apples...

We went to the orchard yesterday and picked up a ton of the loveliest "utility" apples.  I'm not exactly sure what qualified them as utilities, but I ate a few and they were first rate, as far as I was concerned. 

So today we had apple crisp for starters...

Needless to say, that's just about gone already tonight. 

Then I sliced up about a ton of them (9 sheets, or 15 square feet) and popped them into the awesome Excalibur to dry for the winter.

Tomorrow I'll do anther ton of them with cinnamon, for those who prefer it that way.  And we'll tackle some applesauce to put up in jars, as well.

Big Steve and Elsa would have rather been outdoors today, bless their hearts.

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