Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So sorry...I didn't mean to burp like that.  But I just polished off a pint of Haney preserved beets, and they were scrumptious.  I remember back in the day, when I got my fresh beets from a farmer named Pearly Tooker, up in Gansevoort, NY.  I believe I bought those beets for $5/bushel.  I would put them up as quickly as I could, and go back for more.  That was back in the day when I had to count the servings per jar, and the folks in the family who would eat them, the number of times/week I could reasonably serve beets, and prepare enough for the year at mere pennies per jar.  Ah...the good old days.

Well, anyway, so now we're well-to-do, and we can eat an entire jar of pickled beets for a snack if we darned well please.  Life is so very good.  And it is a delight to plan tomorrow's evening meal - chicken fried steak.  Yummy!  Not gluten free, and I don't even care.  The cube steaks are already defrosting:

I'm going to try and post a shot of the freshly prepared chicken fried steak tomorrow pm.  We are going to visit family in Poughkeepsie early in the day.  If I have time to post after we feed the troops tomorrow evening, I shall post a picture.  Otherwise, we'll be heading out to hear the Dyer Switch Band at LT's Grill tomorrow night.  I hope to see many of you there!!!

In the meantime...we leave you with this:

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