Friday, September 3, 2010

Staycation - Haney Place Style

It's the end of the summer numbness, alongside the overwhelming reality of the garden coming in IN SPADES.  So Big Steve and I are taking a NINE DAY staycation.  Thank you Lord!!!  We'll blog daily about the goings on here -- Fall cleaning along with bringing in the garden.  It seems like just yesterday that we were putting those dear little seeds into yogurt cups of plant, you sow.

At any rate, we'll leave you with this tonight.  This dog looks EXACTLY like our little Miss Elsa Magee!!  It is absolutely incredible.  This dog featured here, however, allows her owner to "dip" her.  If you have met our Miss Elsa Magee, you would know right away it was not our dog.  Anyway, put it on full screen, turn your volume way up, and enjoy!!!

1 comment:

gatorbait said...

LOL! That's better than half the contestants on DWTS - sign her up!