Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Weekend --- .......

I love the weekend.  I live for the weekend.  It means I'm not at my desk doing tasks for my employer.  But at this time of year there is an even harsher taskmaster.  It is the harvest.  It cries "put away food"!!!!!  There is no ignoring this master.  You must only comply.  This past weekend, we got three lovely heads of celery from the deli-madhouse and promptly processed and dried said celery.  We took a trip to the orchard today and picked up a ton of new Ida-Red's to process (a proper amount having been made into a pie tonight -- the rest shall be dried).  Big Steve picked a babka bow full of tomatoes for drying.  If you've never seen our babka bowl, please imagine five loaves of babka rising together in one place -- that's how large our babka bowl is!!!

So tonight, after a trip to Price Rite, I've done a ton of french toast breakfasts for the freezer.  It has been a long weekend indeed.  But a good one.  So in the am, it's back to "work" for us.  At least most of my paid work is seated!!!!

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