Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Readers respond and comment - Census workers, and OMG

I just got off the phone with my mom.  She's mightily worried.  Seems a friend of hers had a son with Down's Syndrome who called his mom and said he had a troll trapped somewhere and was feeding it skittles.  Friend fled work to go home immediately to find that there was a census employee, a little person, who was misunderstood by this dear disabled young fellow.

I can TOTALLY understand any terror, angst, anger, OMG LET ME OUT feelings of the poor census worker.  The question is this.  What, now, is the penalty for those grown up young man?

Taking everyone's feelings into understanding, and understanding that everyone here is innocent -- what next.  Readers -- PLEASE respond and comment!!!


Amy J said...

I would think a lot would depend on the census worker, whether or not the son faces charges or what have you. Wow! What a situation though! If nothing else, the Mom has to sit down and explain a lot to this boy about different people.

DonnaMarie Powers-David said...

I feel for the worker, but u have to admit it was an honest mistake. am assuming the Person with Down's has probably never seen a "little person". And in reflecting on the story the young mans comment about having "a troll somewhere and feeding it skittles" is somewhat proof he had no clue that the worker was a "normal human being". I do however question if the young man should be left alone to fend for himself.