Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adirondack Bluegrass League, Acoustic Blue & We Won Something!!!

What a lovely day we spent up in Hadley NY today while attending the last Adirondack Bluegrass League show of the season.  It was held at Molly's Mason Jar, just a holler from where I used to live for a while.  It was a real nice day for a drive (about an hour north of here) and we did take note of the fact that there is still plenty of snow up there.  Yuck!  But the last of the snow didn't put a damper on anyone's spirits at this get-together.  And driving around at the place where I last felt REALLY healthy was bolstering, to say the least.  Memories of hard work in the garden, raising kids, heck, even knocking on the furnace to make it go (even though I didn't know what I was doing) all came back, and made me smile.

Now as much as I enjoy bluegrass music, which is a good thing, given the fact that Big Steve loves to play bluegrass music, I'm more of a classical girl myself.  I have always joked that our marriage was something like Shastakovich meets Boxcar Willie.  But I have to tell you, I have come to enjoy these outings with Steve to various bluegrass events.  No matter where we go, I always note that you don't meet a nicer community of people anywhere.

That was evident today for sure.  We laughed and laughed at good clean fun-type jokes, and even met up with some old friends we hadn't seen in over ten years.  We enjoyed some real heart-warming music by Acoustic Blue.  We tried to get a good photo of them to post here, but with a cell phone in a dark place, no such luck.

At any rate, the highlight of the day was that Big Steve and I won the Easter Basket!!  Here's a picture, but it's only a small portion of what we won.  Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but again, cell phone camera, dark room, you get the picture.  And already bagged up was everything for an Easter dinner:  ham, (even the pineapple and glaze for the top), yams, russet potatoes, dinner rolls & butter, green beans (for that blessed casserole), corn, assorted side dishes, bread & butter pickles even.  And a spring themed cake mix and icing. Some odds and ends like dried fruit and trail mix (you know those are going into packages for my soldiers!).  And then the candy, candy, candy!  Wow.  It was announced that since we won that jackpot, everyone was invited back to The Haney Place for dinner!  Now that sounds like a good idea, don't you think?

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