Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Made Ketchup!!!

It's ketchup.  Now mind you, it's not the best it could be.  It's not Army (Be, all that you could be...).  It's just middlin' Haney Place ketchup.  But at least it doesn't have any HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP or any other bs ingredients.  It's just a condiment I would be proud to put on my (pastured, free range) scrambled eggs.  Nutritional nirvana.  We're working on lacto-fermented ketchup, and that will follow in a week or so.  But for now, it's ketchup that parents could encourage their children to dip into.  And that's saying something!!!  Next fall, we will make this recipe using our own home grown, dried tomato powder.  See me for that.  That's multiple blog posts.

At any rate, it's not organic, it's not the best it could be.  But it's a damn sight better than that crap you buy in the supermarket bearing the same name.  And it's a good food to put in your mouth.  And anyway, for ketchup lovers, ketchup is in itself a food group!!!

Meanwhile.....Big Steve has been outside all day today (being the first real Spring-like day) raking up a winter's worth of dog poopies, pruning the mini-orchard and making the Haney Place agreeable, in generable.  I heard he had a hankering for pancakes, so I just called him in for lunch.  He had no problem in obeying my request for his presence!!!

Big Steve's Lunch

Then, I made ketchup.  I LOVE ketchup as an adornment to some lovely free range eggs, scrambled in some coconut oil, and then topped with some spicy sweet ketchup.  I do NOT, however, appreciate high fructose corn syrup, or the other additives (poisons) in commercial ketchup.  So I made my own.  Took me five minutes, tops.  And it's freaking awesome.


And now, the sheets are flapping on the line in this truly spring day.  We haven't had anything resembling Spring here in Upstate NY since last year.  But I have already put a few loads out to flap in today's blessed sunshine.  No dryer needed, thank you Lord!

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