Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Goodness, Thank you Lord!

Today I was able to enjoy and participate in the Beef Blessing.  This means that we ordered a hind quarter of beef several weeks ago, and were blessed with the means to go pick up a lovely hind quarter of beef today.  Pastured, grass fed.  It's real nutrition.  I wondered to myself at the fact that we had a means of transporting ourselves to the beef and then transporting the beef to the household.  All in all, in the big picture, a very good day indeed!  So let's start with the basics.   We here at the Haney Place firmly believe in the health benefits of food the way God intended us to consume it.  So we START with wonderful, sweet, creamy, unprocessed milk straight from the cow, just the way God intended it.  Thank you to the cow that produced it, and to the wonderful farmer that provided it to us.  Do any of us ever realize where our nutrition comes from?  (My fridge, and count yourself among the few who are allowed to peer into the sanctuary...)

Now...we are in the process of making a lovely and natural whey from that glorious raw milk.  It will take a few days, but then it will be the basis for some wonderfully lacto-fermented goodness.  Ketchup, for starters.  And then some. 

The piece de resistance of the day was the score of a 1/4 (hind end) of beef from the gentleman farmer of the Locust Grove Farm of Argyle, NY.  This man has been in business FOREVER!!!  I have been doing business with him for at least the past two decades.  He raises the beef and butchers and packages it himself.  He's not trying to be cute or clever.  He's just a real-live person doing a real-life job the best way he knows how.  And it's working.  He was eco when eco wasn't cool....just sayin'...  I can totally provide you with contact information.  This guy isn't going anywhere.  He's been producing and providing grass fed, pastured beef forever.....

So we've got beef to last months and months, even here at the Haney Place.  And suet for the birds next fall...loads of beef liver to dry for the dogs (I am not a big fan of liver on my dinner plate) and soup bones galore, aside from the steaks, roasts, cube steaks, stew beef, you name it!!! blessed are we?  It's all vacuum packed and labeled with the contents and the weight.  Tomorrow we'll enjoy meatloaf the "Nourishing Traditions" way.....Stay tuned!!!

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