Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Knitting the Queen Mother...

I enjoy knitting.  I prefer crochet, but knitting is ok too.  Like many fiber enthusiasts, I can get carried away in the acquisition of said fibers.  Big Steve could share some secrets about yarn stowed here and there through the Haney Place, but he'd rather speak of other things, most times.  Some people collect patterns as well as yarn.  Some patterns are just a bit on the kooky side. 

Which brings us to the big event, next Friday, April 29.  The royal wedding.  Many Americans don't want to hear anything about it.  Many Americans can't get enough of the news.  I'm sort of in the middle - I don't approve of lavish weddings in general, but it would be fun to see all the pretty dresses and flowers and such when money is no object.

So combine a love of needlework with a fun topic, and what do you get?  Along comes a book titled Knit Your Own Royal Wedding!!!  No kidding - here it is:

Seriously???!!!???  Just a little over the top, even for me!  But if time and money were no object, who knows???  At the very least, I think the author/designer should get an "A" for creativity!

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