Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring, or Lack Thereof!

I drove this morning to see my daughter give a reading at MCLA in North Adams, Massachusetts.  Of course, given the fact that she is my own flesh and blood, I was in awe of the beauty, the cuteness, the wonder of her.  The fact that she looks like me has NOTHING to do with it!  All kidding aside, she is a very gifted writer, which is a good thing, since that is her major and desired field.

At any rate, I checked this blog for a post proclaiming Spring last year.  I know this winter has seemed endless to those of us in Upstate NY...sometimes our perspective is narrow.  I didn't think that was the case this year.  We really are enjoying (NOT enjoying) an extended winter this year.  Nothing has opened here...everything is still asleep.  Dormant, I believe, is the word for the stuff trying to exist outside.  Also the stuff (ourselves included) trying to exist inside.  But it wasn't this way last year at this time.  By witness:

At any rate, let's stay like my daughter.  Let's keep the creation coming...the beauty of the human spirit does not depend on the season.  Not if it's REALLY within us...

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